Evolution Gaming blackjack VIP

Evolution Gaming have set the standard for online Blackjack. A slick interface, high-quality video and a range of betting options all combine to form a cohesive, enthralling gaming experience. But what if you'd like to take that experience up a notch?

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That's where Evolution's range of VIP variants come in. Each takes place in a slightly different studio and comes with a different minimum bet. If you're after a high-stakes game in a luxurious setting, then this is the place to find it!

Game Play

The VIP tables offer the same blackjack that we all know and love. Players compete with the dealer to see who can draw the highest total – without, of course, going over twenty-one. Each jack, queen, and king is worth ten, while aces are worth either one or eleven.

There's room for seven players at each table, meaning the experience is cosier than more scalable games like roulette. VIP Blackjack tables come in several different varieties. The standard VIP table is the most popular. From there, players can move up to ‘silver,' ‘fortune,' ‘platinum,' ‘grand' and ‘diamond.' The latter three all share the same gold-and-red set, although each offers different betting limits. Players should select a table that best matches their budget!

At the very top of this hierarchy are the ‘Salon Privé' tables. These represent the ultimate in elegance and are reserved for high-wagering players who meet the minimum bankroll requirements. Players here can enjoy dedicated customer service courtesy of a room manager who's always at hand, and they'll even be able to choose the dealer. There are three of these tables available, with each demanding a different minimum bet.

Betting Options

As you might expect from a Blackjack table, players will be able to split their pair, double-down on their bet, and insure against a dealer's blackjack whenever the dealer turns over an ace.

Just like Evolution's standard blackjack tables, the VIP blackjack tables provide a few additional side-betting options. These include ‘perfect pairs' and ‘21+3'. Bet on perfect pairs, and you'll be rewarded whenever your first two cards match in number. If they match in colour, too, then the pay-out is higher – with a pair of identical cards (a ‘perfect' pair) being the most valuable combination. A 21+3 bet will pay out whenever your opening pair and the dealer's first card matches a particular combination in a poker-style hierarchy.

Both special bets add a little extra interest to the base game, and thus they're great for players looking for a chance to earn a lot of money in a short space of time. There's also the inclusion of the popular ‘pre-decision' feature, which allows players to effectively bet out of turn. This reduces waiting times and results in a more fun, fast-paced game for everyone on Live Casino online.


Widespread Blackjack rules apply here: if a player's hand is higher then that of the dealer, then they get a 1:1 return on their bet (except where they win with a blackjack, in which case they get a 3:2 return). If the dealer's hand is higher, then the player receives nothing. When both hands are of equal value, the player's bet it returned to them. Side bets and insurance provide a slight twist on the rules. If you've insured against the dealer getting a blackjack, then you get 2:1, while the various side-bets pay-out according to a pre-determined hierarchy.


There are few better settings in which to enjoy a game of blackjack than in one of Evolution's VIP gaming rooms. They're each equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that'll provide players a fantastic view of every angle of the game. There's no better place to pull up a chair!