Evolution Gaming – Dragonara Roulette

If you are on the hunt for a super realistic, high-quality live roulette experience, then one of the best options on the market is Dragonara Roulette.  This Evolution Gaming title is played direct from the roulette tables in the exclusive Dragonara Casino in Malta.  The Dragonara Casino in Malta is the largest casino on the island and has developed a stellar reputation.  This is one of the first Dual Play Roulette tables on offer on the market and will allow players at the land-based casino to play against online players at the same roulette table. 

Our review

This new Dual Play Roulette table at the Dragonara Casino uses a similar sound installation and camera setup as other Evolution Gaming titles.  The Dragonara Roulette game will play as normal in the land-based casino, with the live stream video feed can be accessed by an unlimited number of online players. 

Plus, any customers around the special Dual Play Roulette table can follow the stellar live gaming action or place bets at the table using their own smartphone or tablet device.  This is the perfect way to extend the Evolution Gaming brand to new customers.  This latest live dealer title is a single-zero roulette and follows standard European Roulette rules.    

Game Play

Dragonara Roulette is offered in the Dragonara Casino in Malta and online.  This fusion of land-based gameplay and virtual gameplay is designed to help create a seamless gaming experience between online and offline gaming options.  At any one time, this Roulette table will accept bets from online players, as well as players at the casino – this is why the game is aptly named ‘Dual-Play.'  With this live gaming title, there are several viewing angles to pick and choose from, including a bird's eye view, face on and side on. 

The technology that powers this latest title is from Evolution Gaming who are famous for being able to create truly immersive live roulette games.  The extremely high-quality feed is bound to impress even the most experienced of online roulette players, and we're sure you will agree that playing Dragonara Roulette is as close as you can get online to playing on the casino floor.  Plus, each of the cameras have been cleverly positions so that you won't be able to view the faces of the people playing at the casino table.  

Betting Options

The vast majority of live roulette titles that follow European conventions offer three main types of betting options.  The first type of bet you can make is an inside bet.  This bet covers bets placed on a specific number on the roulette wheel.  This bet is not recommended for beginners as it comes with the highest risks.  The second type of bet you can place in this game of roulette is an outside bet. 

This tends to be a popular option with new roulette players as it offers a good potential payout, but with less risk than an inside bet.  With Dragonara Roulette, there is also a racetrack betting option, which enables players to make neighbour bets and call bets.  


The payouts and winning odds for this roulette title are typical for any European roulette variant.  For example, if you choose to make an outside bet on odd/even or red/black, you will enjoy a 2:1 payout if you win.


Dragonara Roulette is one of the first dual play live roulette title available on the market. The main benefit to playing this game is that online players can play alongside land-based casino players.  Don't worry about there not being any space at the table, as an unlimited number of inline players can get involved in the thrilling roulette action on offer with this epic live roulette game. Play roulette online today.