Evolution Gaming – Dream Catcher

There's nothing that engages players quite like a live-action show. With simple rules and a visually stimulating premise, they're able to draw your attention, even if you don't yet understand the game being played.

This is Dream Catcher – a live game that provides a new spin on a classic formula. At its heart is a bespoke wheel that Evolution have had built exclusively for the purpose. Around its edges are a series of numbers which form the basis of the game. Who knows where it'll land? Dream Catcher provides something a little bit different from the company's more traditional casino-style table games, and it'll provide a break from the casino setting.

Our review

Like all of Evolution's live games, Dream Catcher is broadcast from a sophisticated studio environment, with multiple cameras being trained on different parts of the wheel. The game action determines which shots are delivered to the player, and the result is a real show – with long shots and close-ups alternating to create a dynamic spectacle. It's just like a television game show – except you're a participant.

Game Play

Dream Catcher is an incredibly straightforward and intuitive game. The live host spins the wheel, and players bet on where they think it'll stop. Throughout the game, the host keeps everyone engaged and informed about exactly what's going on! Unlike more intimate games like blackjack, there's no limit to the number of people who can participate. What's more, players can interact with one another along the way, ensuring a vibrant, casino-like experience.
There are a total of fifty-four segments on the wheel, including fifty-two numbers and an additional two multiplier segments. Each segment is equally proportioned, and the precision engineering of the wheel guarantees a fair game.

Betting Options

A considerable part of Dream Catcher's appeal is the simplicity of betting. Before the wheel is spun, players place their bets against the numbers on the board. When the wheel lands on the appropriate space, the game pays out. Some numbers are rarer than others – and the pay-outs change accordingly.

New players might wish to take it slowly by betting on ones and twos. If you're feeling braver, on the other hand, you might dare pile your money against the only red ‘forty' segment on the wheel. You don't need to master the intricate colour-coding of the roulette table, nor a long list of card combinations. And there are no additional betting options, as there are in a traditional slot machine. This is, therefore, a game that'll appeal to new players and veterans alike – it's all about the spectacle!


The size of the payout corresponds to the number landed on. A one would indicate an evens pay-out, a two a 2:1 payout, and so on all the way up to a whopping 40-1 pay-out for a red segment.
An added twist comes in the form of bonus spin multipliers. These create the potential for much larger prizes. If the wheel stops on a 7x multiplier and then a 40, then someone could be in for a considerable payday. Such events are rare –, but when they do occur, they cause for considerable excitement! Play Live Casino online today. 


Thanks to games like wheel of fortune, just about everyone is familiar with the idea of a spinning wheel generating prizes, even if they don't know the particulars of the game being played. Dream Catcher is sure to grab your attention and allow you to get playing. You'll have mastered the game within just a few spins of the wheel, and the appealing set and pristine camerawork will ensure you're enthralled for many spins to come!

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