Evolution Gaming – Grand Casino Roulette

If you are currently looking for a new Live Roulette title to check out, look no further than Evolution Gaming's Grand Casino Roulette.  This brand-new live dealer title offers players a super realistic high-quality live dealer experience.  This new gaming title is streamed directly from the roulette tables in Bucharest's Grand Casino.  This casino can be found within the famous JW Marriott Grand hotel in Bucharest.  This new title showcases Evolution Gaming's ability to create fantastic and professional live dealer titles.

Our review

Yet again, Evolution Gaming has managed to create a superb live gaming title. The brilliant quality of the HD images, coupled with the crystal-clear streaming and the different angles and viewpoints are simply stunning.  Regardless of your location, you will easily be able to access this marvellous Roulette title.  Plus, you don't have to go anywhere to play face to face against a real live dealer. 

The Grand Casino Roulette game is another Dual Play Roulette variant that is streamed from multiple cameras and players can enjoy the HD gameplay from a number of different angles on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.  This is great news if you enjoy the thrill of playing on a casino floor as the experience on offer in this brand-new title is even more authentic!     

Game Play

Grand Casino Roulette lets an unlimited number of casino players join in with the Roulette action that seated players at the Grand Casino are experiencing in a luxurious and thrilling casino atmosphere.  This special fusion of land-based gameplay and online gameplay helps to create a seamless integration between online and offline casino gaming options. 

This special Roulette table will accept bets from both the players on the Grand Casino floor and online players.  The technology powering this latest gaming title is created by Evolution Gaming, one of the leading live dealer developers. The stunning HD video feed will impress any Roulette player, and even the most experienced online player will get a thrill from playing this new live dealer title.   

Betting Options

Grand Casino Roulette follows the same betting conventions as other Live European Roulette titles.  This means that your betting options can be split into three main categories.  The first category covers inside bets.  This type of bet refers to a bet placed on a specifically numbered pocket on the roulette wheel.  Whilst an inside bet offers the highest potential payout, it also carries the biggest risk.  If you are a new Roulette better, you will probably prefer making an outside bet.  This betting option covers bets placed on even/odds and re/black. 

This type of bet still offers a good potential payout, but comes with lower risks than an inside bet.  With Grand Casino Roulette, players can also make use of the special racetrack betting option.  Racetrack bets cover call bets and neighbour bets.   


Grand Casino Roulette offers the typical payouts and winning odds that you commonly find with any European Roulette game offered online.  For example, if you choose to place a bet on red/black or even/odds, you will receive a 2:1 payout if you successfully predict where the roulette ball will land once the wheel stops spinning.  


Grand Casino Roulette joins the new trend of live streaming tables from popular and iconic land-based casinos.  This game offers something a little more special than the standard live dealer experience as it is streamed directly from the world-class Grand Casino in Bucharest.  Players of this game will be able to enjoy the special Dual Play mode of the table which brings the lavish atmosphere of the Marriott Casino to your own home. Play Live Casino online today.