Evolution Gaming – Live French Roulette

Evolution Gaming now boasts a 10-year expertise in the live gaming industry and is well-known for producing unique and cutting-edge live dealer games.  These games can be enjoyed by millions of casino players all over the globe.  This latest Live French Roulette title is no different, and the quality of the game is exceptional.  Evolution gaming's Live French Roulette title is an impressive, high-quality game that consistently delivers a stellar gaming experience.  Get ready to watch the roulette ball spin in amazing HD quality.

Our review

This is a single-zero game that comes with a slightly different table layout if you are used to playing on the classic European roulette game.  One of the main differences between these two roulette classics is that the sections for your outside betting options are labelled with French words, as well as their English equivalents. Basically, the table arrangement for this live gaming title is fairly standard.  

All the live dealer games produced by Evolution gaming, including this gaming title, offers players the chance to enjoy an unforgettable live gaming experience.  Each title comes with a high-definition video stream and players who enjoy customising their game play will be happy to hear that the gaming setting can easily be adjusted to suit your personal gaming needs.  The video stream for this particular game is optimised automatically if the gaming software detects any sort of connection issue.  Players also have the option to manually select the quality of their video stream from Low, Medium or High.  There are also two user-switchable camera views that will show both the dealer and the table from different angles.  Other video options include turning the video off and switching to full-screen mode.       

Game Play

This game is based on the classic rules of French Roulette.  The roulette wheel has 37 numbered pockets, including just a single zero pocket.  Unlike classic European roulette games, the French Roulette comes with an even lower house edge.  The game stats for this roulette game easily allow players to tweak their betting strategy as the game will give you the results of 500 last wheel spins.  This means you will easily be able to see which numbers are hot and cold.  There is also a chat window that you can use to communicate with the dealer, and there are also plenty of other helpful features that you can make the most of.  The key difference in this variant is the La Partage rule.  This side bet cuts the house advantage on even-money bets.  This special side bet rules means that the player receives half the bet back if you placed a bet on red/black, odd/even and low/high bets and the roulette ball lands on zero.   

Betting Options

This French Roulette title offers typical roulette betting options.  Players will be able to place specific bets on a selected slot on the roulette wheel.  This is known as an inside bet.  You can also make an outside bet, which covers odd/even and red/black.  This game also offers a hideable oval-shaped racetrack that can be used for call bets and neighbour bets.  This covers neighbour bets from 1 to 8 to the left and right of your selected number.


This Live French Roulette title follows typical payouts.  For example, if you choose to place an outside bet, you will enjoy a 2:1 payout if you win.  


If you're looking for an exciting new live roulette game to try out, this could be the perfect option.  The special La Partage rule means the house edge for this game is far lower than its European counterpart.  This is great news for newbie players, as it will be easier for you to win big! Why not play roulette online.