Evolution Gaming private blackjack tables

Evolution's live online blackjack is incredibly slick and fast-paced, and bursting with features that'll keep even veteran players interested. The experience has been optimised so that players won't miss a moment of the action, whether they're playing on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are an enormous number of live tables that anyone can take a seat at, as well as dedicated private tables created just for the purpose.

Our review


Blackjack is a game whose rules are familiar to just about anyone who's set foot in a casino. The player draws cards in an attempt to get closer to 21 than the dealer – but, crucially, without going over 21. Picture cards are always ten, while aces can be either one or eleven. It's a simple game that's proven a classic.

It's more intimate than roulette, as there's a limit to the number of players who can sit at a given live table. There are seven seats at each table, where the dealer will lay out real cards. Players interact with the game via an intuitive and responsive interface. Like all of Evolution's games, the set is immaculate. There's a low-stakes ‘party' variant to please casual gamers, as well as a host of different betting options to keep things interesting.

The dealer is obliged to stand on hands totalling seventeen and over, and hit on everything else. You'll be able to place ‘insurance' bets wherever the dealer turns over an ace, or split your hand into two. The challenge comes from determining the best strategy based on both your cards and the dealer's!

Betting Options

Players have all the standard betting options that you might expect from Blackjack, including split-pair betting, double-downs, and insurance. Further betting options come in the form of ‘Perfect Pairs' and ‘21+3'. Both award players additional pay-outs according to the content of the initial two cards.

A ‘Perfect Pair' side-bet pays out when the first two cards contain matching numbers. If the colours match, too, then the pay-out is even greater; if the two cards are identical, then it's a ‘perfect' pair, which yields the greatest possible pay-out. A ‘21+3' side-bet, on the other hand, allows players to form a three-card poker hand using their initial two cards and the dealer's first.

The game is made even quicker with the addition of pre-decision, a feature through which players can queue up future moves without having to wait their turn. This makes every hand as fast as possible, and the blackjack card game more exciting!


If both the player and dealer end up with the same total, then the former will get their bet back. Winning hands pay out at 1:1 on the total stake, while blackjacks pay out at 3:2. Players who insure against the dealer's blackjack are paid at 2:1, should it appear.

Side bets offer improved odds, though the chance of a win is slimmer. Mixer pairs pay out at 6:1, colour pairs at 12:1, and perfect pairs at 25:1. 21+3 bets pay out according to a predetermined hierarchy, with three identical cards sitting at the top at a massive 100:1.


Blackjack is a classic game that Evolution have brought right into the modern age. And their private tables offer an experience that's about as close to a real casino as it's possible to get on a screen. Evolution provide high-definition streaming of every moment, so you'll be able to enjoy their immaculate set up-close. What's more, players can choose from a range of different views, including full-screen video that'll provide a totally immersive experience. If you're after the ultimate in live blackjack, then why look elsewhere?

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