Evolution Gaming – VIP Live Roulette

VIP Live Roulette has been developed by Evolution Gaming, and this particular live gaming title is broadcast from their studio in Latvia.  If you were a fan of the original Live European Roulette variant that Evolution Gaming released, you will definitely enjoy playing on this latest version.  This new title is basically the original variant, with one major difference.  VIP Live Roulette has been designed with high rollers in mind.  This means you will get to play at exclusive red gaming titles and your game will be hosted by skilled VIP croupiers.  One thing's for sure, this premium live gaming title definitely showcases interactive gaming at its best!

Our review

The impressive user interface is highly intuitive, and the multiple camera views help to create a special gaming atmosphere that will be difficult to match.  The high maximum betting limits will definitely prove sufficient for any high rollers, and this live roulette title also supports regular wagers.  This VIP title offers numerous side bet options, as well as favourite bets. 

This epic live gaming option is guaranteed to appeal to any roulette fans, and the endless gaming opportunities, coupled with the friendly dealers helps make this a must-play casino game.   

Game Play

As soon as you choose to play VIP Live Roulette, you will be asked whether you want to play in classic view or in spectacular 3D view.  Regardless of the view you choose, this can easily be changed in the game option panel whilst you play.  When it comes to placing a wager, all you will need to do is select from the different chip sizes and then click on the sector of the interactive table you wish to bet on.  The minimum bet for this live roulette title is £2, and the maximum is a huge £40,000. Play roulette online today.

This will definitely make any high rollers interested!  In this VIP variant, players are given the chance to change the video quality, which enables you to find the optimum settings for your personal gaming needs.  You will also be able to chat with the dealers and check the game history.  On top of this, you can easily activate the full-screen feature.  The best thing about this roulette title is that you are given access to a genuine VIP experience from start to finish.  

Betting Options

This VIP title offers the same betting options you would find in any European Roulette game.  If you are a new roulette player, betting options can usually be broken down into three main categories.  The first betting category you can choose to use covers inside bets.  Inside bets refer to a bet placed on a specific slot.  The second betting category covers outside bets.  With this betting option, you can place a bet on odd/even numbers and red/black.  You can also make racetrack bets in the VIP Live Roulette game.  This option lets you place neighbour bets and call bets.  


The VIP Live Roulette game form Evolution Gaming follows typical payouts for any European Roulette game.  This means that if you choose to place a bet on either odd/even numbers or red/black, you will be given a 2:1 payout if your bet proves successful.