Extreme Live Gaming – Dolphins Roulette

Dolphins Roulette is the exciting game from Extreme Live Gaming that combines your standard European Roulette game with the highly popular slot game from Novomatic, Dolphins Pearl. This makes for a thrilling game with awesome graphics and plenty of opportunities to take home a huge win. If you can't decide whether to play roulette or slots, this may just be the answer that you are looking for.

Bets for this game start at just £1 and rise up to £100, making it suitable for players of all budgets. Place a wager today to go a deep sea roulette dive for big cash wins!

Our review

Game Play

Upon loading Dolphins Roulette, players may feel slightly overwhelmed with this game as there is lots going on on your screen. However, the rules to this game are actually quite simple, and even roulette novices can enjoy playing. In this game, players will be presented with a roulette wheel, a betting layout, a side Dolphin's Pearl slot game and the live dealer. This game follows the European Roulette rules, and there is one zero.

It is up to players to choose how much they want to wager by selecting the appropriately sized chip. You can then place various bets and what's unique about this game is that you can place side bets on the slot game Dolphin's Pearl! To place this bet, simply choose a symbol featured in the slot game and place your wager on it. The one-reel slot will then spin, and you will be awarded a prize if the spin spots on the symbol you wagered on.

What's also great about Dolphin's Roulette is that it can be played on mobile devices! This game can be played on both Android and iOS devices, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy playing, play roulette online anytime, anywhere.

Betting Options

As Dolphins Roulette plays just like your standard game of European Roulette, players can expect to see many of the same betting options, plus a few extra betting options that are special to this game. This includes placing bets on a single number if you are feeling very confident, or you can soften the blow if you lose by betting on the colour which can either be red or black, or you can choose to bet on odd numbers or even numbers. In this game, players also have the option to bet on a column or a dozen. As we mentioned before, the side bet in this game is the option to place a wager on the one reel slot game Dolphin Pearl! Players can bet on one symbol, and if the spin stops on this symbol you will be awarded with a payout!


In Dolphins Roulette, players who wager on the slot game side bet can be in for a very lucrative win. Just like the slot game, the Dolphin is the highest paying symbol and if you choose it and it lands in this game you will receive a massive 80x return! The ratios for all side bets are 1 to 1, 3 to 1, 18 to 1 and, of course, 80 to 1.

This game has standard outside betting for the betting options above, and the maximum game bet is with a single number which will award you a massive payout of 35 to 1!


If you love the slot game Dolphin's Pearl and want to try out a unique game of roulette, then you really cannot go wrong playing Dolphin's Roulette from Extreme Live Gaming, This game is a really interesting take on your standard game of roulette, and we love that it provides something a little bit different and interesting. Place a wager today and see how much you can potentially win!

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