Extreme Live Gaming – French Roulette

Have you played European Roulette and are now looking for something a little bit different? Well, now you can enjoy playing the latest addition to the Extreme Live Gaming catalogue – French Roulette! This exciting game plays similarly to European Roulette, but the one big difference is that it also enforces the rule of La Partage in its games. If you are not familiar with La Partage, you can find out all about it with our review below!

Our review

Those of you who are familiar with European Roulette will have no problem playing this game as the rules are the same. New players will easily be able to pick up the game play of this type of roulette as the interface is extremely simple and easy to use. The streaming on this casino game is of exceptional quality and nothing less than what you would expect from a live casino provider such as Extreme Live Gaming. Players will also notice that this game has a chat function which allows you to speak not only with the dealer but also with other players on the table providing a friendly and fun atmosphere as you play.

If you prefer to play games of roulette from your mobile device, then you are in luck as Extreme Live Game uses HTML5 technology allowing you to play it on the go! This game works on both iOS and Android devices, so no one has to miss out on playing this exciting game.

Game Play

French Roulette works in a very similar way to your standard European Roulette game, even though the tables can look very different. Here, players will play on a 37 section wheel, including zero, which is split into red and black. Players can place all of the standard bets in this game, and there is nothing over complicated.

What's different about Extreme Live Gaming's French Roulette is that it plays with La Partage rules which intrigues a lot of players and rightly so! The rule of La Partage is extremely popular amongst players as it gives them a statistical edge. When playing French Roulette with La Partage rules, players will only lose half of their bet, not all of it, when they place even money bets, and the ball lands on zero. Even money bets include red or black and odd or even.

Betting Options

When playing French Roulette, there is a wide range of betting options for players to choose from. This includes outside bets such as the column or even/odd number and also inside bets like straight up, street bets and six line bets. Players can also choose to place call bets and neighbour bets. With even money chances, players will have an RTP of 98.65%.


As French Roulette follows the same structure as European roulette, players can expect to see the same when it comes to payouts. A straight up bet will see players win at 35 to 1 while betting on black/red, odd/even will see you get a 1 to 1 payout.


Extreme Live Gaming's French Roulette is very popular, and it is not hard to see why! Not only does this game provide professional dealers, high-quality streams and hours of entertainment, it also provides the very best odds out of all the roulette games! If you want to significantly increase the RTP of roulette and increase your chances of winning, we would suggest checking out this thrilling game of French Roulette today, which, remember, can also be played from your mobile device too! And play roulette online today.