Extreme Live Gaming – Golden Ball Roulette

Extreme Live Gaming is famous for its high-quality, thrilling casino games and so players know to expect nothing less when they play Golden Ball Roulette! This thrilling game features great graphics, fantastic live dealer and the opportunity to pull out your competitive streak as you climb the leaderboard for a huge cash win. If you are looking for a game of roulette that has an added competitive level, then this is the perfect game for you to check out and not one that you will want to miss out on.

Golden Ball Roulette has an extremely high RTP of 97.3%, making your chances of winning look fantastic! Players of all skill levels and budgets can have a go at playing this game as minimum bets start at just £1 and this rises up to an incredible maximum bet of £5000.

Love playing roulette games on the go? Then you are in luck as you need never miss out on a big Golden Ball Roulette tournament as you can enjoy this game from your mobile devices.

Our review

Game Play

Golden Ball Roulette is quite different to other games of roulette which we think players will love as this makes things a little more interesting! The first thing that players will be required to do when playing Golden Ball Roulette is to choose a Golden Ball table. Then it is time to place your bets! One player will then be chosen for the Golden Ball button, and all other players will view the game play normally. The player chosen to receive the Golden Ball button will then let the live dealer know when to spin the ball. Once the ball has been spun, the live dealer will then announce the winning number, and the player will be awarded a bonus which all depends on the payout rule set.

The player will have to tell the dealer when to release the ball every 20 spins, and if you want to become a winner, you have to have the largest total amount wagered for 20 consecutive spins. In the gaming lobby, players will also find the jackpot prize displayed for the game and how many days it is to go before the big jackpot game takes place. The top three players will then be displayed on the leader board after the game finishes.

What we love about this game is that it makes things really easy for the player. Players will get an animation panel and also instructions on what to do. The camera shows the X-Mode view behind the dealer, and you will be given ten seconds to tell the dealer to spin!

Betting Options

Players can wager using chips valued at 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1000. In this game, you can place your standard inside and out bets, neighbour and call bets.


When betting in Golden Ball Roulette, we would recommend that players check out the game's pay table as this is where you will find all of the odds for the individual stakes. Players who place their chips on any single number can expect to receive a pay out of a massive 35x!


What we love about Extreme Live Gaming's Golden Ball roulette is that it is a tournament style roulette game. This is perfect for those competitive players looking to beat out the competition to take home a big cash prize. We also love that the dealers can decide which prizes to give players as this adds an element of surprise and extra excitement to the game.

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