Extreme Live Gaming – Ra Roulette

Can't decide whether to have a game of roulette or spin some slots? Then you have come to the right place as Ra Roulette could be just the game that you have been looking for! Ra Roulette combines roulette with the popular Novomatic slot game Book of Ra. Players can place bets on the wheel plus place extra side bets on the slot game.

Our review

Book of Ra is an extremely popular Novomatic slot game that you will find not only online, but also in land-based casinos too, such is its popularity. This game gives players the opportunity to combine these amazing games, and if it is not your cup of tea, then you can always simply just play the standard European version of this game without the slot game side bet. The roulette section of this game features only the very best dealers and live streams from London.

Ra Roulette has been created using HTML5 technology, and so players can enjoy playing this game on the go! Access it from your mobile device today and never miss out on another exciting game of roulette again.

Game Play

Ra Roulette follows the European Roulette set of rules and what makes this game special is that players can place a side bet on the fantastic Book of Ra slot game! This means players can make lots of extra winnings with this one-reel slot. The slot game is located on the right of your screen, and you can place a bet on various symbols. The symbols have their own house edge and chances of being hit.

In Book of Ra, there are 7 symbols for players to choose from. The explorer is the highest value symbol in the game, and he has a 1.1% probability, the Book of Ra symbol has a 4.54% probability while the Q symbol is sitting at 10.1% and the K symbol is 12.4%.

Betting Options

As this game follows the standard European Roulette rules, players can expect to find the same betting options in this roulette game. This includes, straight, split, corner, line, street, column, dozen chance and neighbour bets.
As we mentioned before, in this game, along with the standard bets mentioned above, players can also place side bets on the one reel Book of Ra slot game. This can provide you with lots of extra big wins should you choose your symbol correctly.


If you are a player who is confident enough to place a straight bet on a single number, you could be looking at a massive payout of 35 to 1! This game as a corresponding payout ratio to your standard games of European Roulette.
When it comes to the Book of Ra side bet, players can look forward to a huge 80 to 1 ratio when placing bets on the explorer symbols featured on the reels of this slot game. The Book of Ra symbol will get you an 18 to 1 ration while the Q and K symbols get you a 1 to 1 ratio and a 3 to 1 ratio. So why not play roulette online.


Extreme Live Gaming's Ra Roulette is a great mixture of roulette and slot game fun. If you love playing both types of games, then you really cannot go wrong playing Ra Roulette! We love that this game provides something unique to the roulette market that you will not find anywhere else and players are sure to love this thrilling switch up. Give the wheel a spin today and see how much you could win with your roulette bet and your Book of Ra slot side bet!

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